A business book with a sense of humour

Author of 'Be with me, It’s c' and senior technology leader Avril Chester is going it alone. Embarking on her new social enterprise and tech start-up called Cancer Central, she is writing her next book, ‘Taking that leap of faith’ along the way. This is her first year. What could possibly happen?


A message from the author

So here it is, my throughs laid bare. Open to opinion, scrutiny, likes, dislikes, it's pretty scary to be honest. I wrote my book 'taking that leap of faith' during my first-year transitioning from executive to hopeful entrepreneur. To record the ups and downs, my findings, learnings, mistakes, excitement and reading it back, it brings incredibly fond memories.

I finished documenting the first year of my journey in Dec 2018 and in 2019 I was frequently asked, "why have you not published yet?". It was partly due to cost (yes the F-word still haunted me) and partly due to me being scared stiff. There are lots of start-up entrepreneurs, advice and experts who have succeeded. Being frank, I was getting a serious case of imposter syndrome. I always use the words 'be brave' and this time I needed to listen to my own advice. 

What we are creating with Cancer Central is unique. We are not a commercial business nor a charity. We are a social enterprise and most importantly, we are being built by you, the community. We are collectively coming together to design & build a powerful resource for people affected by cancer. We are not like anyone else; our business model is different. This itself poses huge challenges and opportunities. 

I purposefully captured my year in words and pictures as both share a different perspective, connection and side. A story is not one-dimensional therefore my book wasn't going to be either.

If you are thinking of taking that step, that big leap of faith with your own idea, I hope my story helps you in some way. My message to you is to just go for it. No one has all the answers, we will all do things differently and none of us know how it'll end up. Your happiness and enjoyment of every day is unequivocally the most important adventure there is.

Live it. Enjoy it. Go for it!

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The support you have given me and Cancer Central is indescribable and the words thank you will never feel enough.